-FAFD- was founded and designed to help people in need with major money proceeds directly targeting myriad charities.

Founder, Dr. Edwards has participated for many years with numerous organizations in the medical field and otherwise (listed below). Each doctors’ life long commitment to people extends considerably beyond their respective successful medical/dental practices and each doctor has independently aided Artist Colavito philanthropic goals regarding ART FOR PEOPLE.

Colavito altruistic efforts date back to the early 1980’s.  In 1985 Colavito participated as an artist in the very first cultural event between the US and China – the photographic exhibition titled: New York, The City And Its People, was held simultaneously at the Museum of the City of NY and at the Bejing Cultral Palace in China.  Colavito fine art image of NYC was displayed and also printed as a poster providing a “first view” of our city to thousands of Chinese people. Colavito was photographed with Mayor Koch at City Hall documenting the historic event which sparked Colavito Earth Project – an ongoing Colavito photographic compilation about UNITY OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE including subjects from more than 50 separate countries. Dr. Malik and Dr. Edwards have contributed to this project for more than a decade and have provided numerous photographic subjects.  For over 25 years Colavito participation in numerous notable benefit events including Sotheby’s Auction benefits has provided inspiration and hope for people in desperate need of aid.  Colavito has received personal letters of praise regarding Colavito original art and purpose from many political leaders including President Bill Clinton, Mayor Koch, Mayor Giuliani and others.  It was, however, through Dr. Edwards that Colavito met, photographed and inspired Mayor Michael Bloomberg with Colavito original art style. Colavito created several fine-art portraits with an 8x10 view camera of Mayor Bloomberg at a special event sponsored by the Global Syndicate for Haiti (many months before the earthquake tragedy).  Dr. Edwards had been aware of the organization for a long time and provided the introduction/correspondence for Colavito to create special art of our Mayor.

Original art provides true inspiration and transcends the ordinary politics of everyday life.  –FAFD- foremost represents the work of Artist Michael Colavito and Colavito Modern Image Painting because Colavito art style is completely original and has never been done before.  Colavito altruistic purpose and concern to target charities with proceeds from his every art sale was powerful message enough for us to found –FAFD-

Many of the world’s most profound iconic artists have been inspired by Colavito originality and have “sat” for him as photographic subjects (celebrity limited edition prints are available for purchase). Colavito has been compared to many great artists in art history including Picasso and with the recent sale of a Picasso for over one hundred million USD, Colavito artwork is quite a formidable investment with extreme exponential potential.  Colavito hand signed, limited edition, collectible fine art prints are available for investment as well as contemporary art wall display prints for interior space/offices.  Colavito contemporary art includes a variety of diversified subjects and arenas.  Presentation of art and photography for sale is through private viewings at the Empire State Building or a representative will accommodate clients at their respective locations.  Meeting with the artist in person is possible if arranged in advance.  


Limited Edition Fine-Art Photographic Prints
(hand signed by Colavito)

“RARE” ONE-OFFS (original large format 8x10 film)

Colavito Art Films (Chasing Originality & Robert DeNiro Cinematic Portrait Film)

Limited Edition Bronze/Porcelain Sculptures

Modern Sculpture: Functional Art Panels/Tables

Oil Paintings

Celebrity Fine-Art Portrait Prints

Interior Space: Display Art Prints & Transparencies

Fine-Art Portrait Commissions, Private Viewings, and Introductions to Artist Colavito are scheduled in advance

limited Colavito art is viewable at www.michaelcolavito.com – more recent work is viewable through Stephen Weingrad at FAFL

55% of the total profit proceeds from Chasing Originality & DeNiro Cinematic Portrait Film are targeted for charitable organizations

major profit proceeds from ALL sales of Colavito art is targeted for charitable organizations (clients have choice of their desired charity)

FAFD and FAFL are founded by separate entities both sharing the same commitment to people: Dr. Edwards & Dr. Malik (FAFD founders), Weingrad & Weingrad LLP (FAFL founder)

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