Michael Colavito

Film Magic Purity is exponentially significant similar to movie magic which revolutionized the visual world for over 75 years more than any art movement in history including Picasso Cubism or Warhol Pop Art.   

COLAVITO Purity Art Style is completely original and copies no other artist in art history.  It is based on purity principles attributing the traditional art forms of photography and cinematography.

COLAVITO art/film work is created on film without digital photo programs or computer graphics imagery (CGI).  All COLAVITO art/film work is created on the original film transparency entirely without special effects editing:
no in-camera masks, no blue/green screen, no painting on the film itself, no projection of images or painting on bodies, no shooting through glass or reflections, no color backdrops, no filters of any kind, no photographing of printed images, no polarizations/colorizations, no cross processing, no darkroom manipulation or optical assemblage, nothing whatsoever outside the natural boundaries of image capture on the film emulsion – absolute film purity.

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