Introduction to Colavito Art

Colavito is a fine artist whose main contribution to the world of modern art is the introduction of a brand new art form.  He has transformed into a visual illusionist through a self-originated revolutionary art style morphing 8x10 large format photography.  Spanning three decades, he is a versatile artist with a body of art work comprising photography, painting, sculpture and cinematic film.

Looking at his work, viewers often find themselves wondering about how the artist created each specific image and most of the time just when they think they know the technique, they are surprised with joy in the end to learn that the artist uses no special effects editing of any kind .  The ultimate illusion has occurred in a permanent image and Colavito thus becomes their unique compositional magician.

The artist’s diversified body of work is atypical because each photography category stands out with its own individuality as though created by separate artists.  Colavito art often concentrates on people and real life objects integrating his belief regarding the vast and great potential for mankind.  The artist deeply believes that communication and interaction are the core elements necessary to perfect the purpose of life which is love and happiness.  Each work of Colavito art strives for perfection and is dedicated to this belief.

Throughout his career, the New York City based artist has been active in promoting cultural and humanitarian projects.  He participated in the first cultural exchange between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, created and sponsored Earth Project that continues until today and has created inspiring fine-art portraits of numerous world icons.

Colavito large format 8x10 fine-art photography (non-digital) and cinematic film sequences (non-video) are created on the original film chrome/negative entirely without special effects editing:    

no in-camera masks, no blue or green screen, no painting on the film itself, no painting on bodies, no image projection, no multiple image layering through glass or reflections, no color backdrops, no color filters or filters of any kind, no filming of photographic prints or printed images, no polarizations or colorizations, no cross processing, no darkroom manipulation through optical assemblage, nothing whatsoever outside the natural boundaries of photographic image capture on the film emulsion – absolute film purity.


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